Knotweed Ireland

Our Company

Besides eradication at competitive rates, our company offers a solution to reduce these costs dramatically by training your staff to handle this noxious weed.

We are the first and only company in Ireland to offer a training package to identify, manage and eradicate Japanese knotweed. We offer the most cost effective and efficient solution through the training of your staff to manage the issue under our expertise and guidance.

Problems With Knotweed

Japanese knotweeds are a non-native invasive species of perennial plant. The vigorous growth can damage buildings and infrastructure. Once established underneath or around the built environment, it can be particularly hard to control. Riverside Japanese knotweed stands damage flood defence structures and reduces the capacity of channels to carry floodwater. The aggressive growth pattern is capable of exposing weaknesses in hard engineered structures such as concrete, tarmac, brick walls and foundations Current trials have shown that as little as 0.7 gram of rhizome material (10 mm in length) can produce a new plant within 10 days

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Effect On Mortgages

In Britain banks such as Barclays Bank, Woolwich, and Santander, will decline mortgages unless work is undertaken to remove Japanese knotweed from the premises

While others such as Northern Rock, Clydesdale and Nationwide will consider it with guarantees or an indemnity in place, and guidance from a surveyor.


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